What could be more satisfying than teaching your Cesky Terrier to develop his instincts and learn to follow a trail through the forest?

All you need to get started is a tracking harness and long line - any harness will do, but we recommend these which are comfortable and easy to keep clean.

You will also need something nice and smelly to encourage your terrier to make his first track. Pieces of sausage are ideal! Make sure you have water for your dog - and bring a packed lunch for yourself. You might also want to bring a folding chair for when we take a break.

It can be wet and muddy in the forest, so make sure you are dressed appropriately, and if the weather is cold or wet dog fleeces and towels can be useful.

Check in the news section for upcoming meetings of the Tracking Group.

Cesky Terrier Tracking Group

All Cesky Terriers and their owners are welcome at meetings of the Cesky Terrier Tracking Group where we aim to have fun, whilst encouraging our terriers to develop their nosework skills.

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