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The first show of 2017 took place over the weekend of March 11th/12th at Thoresby Hall in Nottinghamshire.

Was it really only the second weekend in March? The weather was beautiful, and there were good crowds out to meet our team - Grissom, Lupin, Saffy, Grace, Flint and Ivan were there on Saturday, with Anja, Anika and Xanthe replacing Grissom and Lupin on Sunday.

The 'A' team and Xanthe pose for the camera, whilst Flint and Saffy are on the look out for new admirers.

Mick took his camera as he went to explore the show - and managed to get this fabulous shot of Jonathan Marshall, who presents a not-to-be-missed display combining birds of prey and dressage horses.

Next it was off to Thame in Oxfordshire over the Easter weekend. Last year the weather was so bad that the second day of the show was cancelled. This year we were much luckier. There was a strong, and somewhat cold wind, but apart from a few spots of rain it sayed dry, and the regular team were busy all day.

Our next show was at Netley Marsh in Hampshire, on April 30th and May 1st. Once again the team were very busy, meeting lots of people and making new friends.

At the end of May we were at Burghley House - one of our favourite shows, because the setting is so beautiful. Chris and Daisy joined us, and they were soon hard at work, talking about Cesky Terriers to all the visitors.

Before the show started we managed to get a photograph of the whole team!

The next outing for the Friends of the Cesky Terrier was to the Game Fair in July.

It's a huge event, and the Terrier Pavilion was busy on all three days, so we were very pleased that Louise and Radley could join us - we hope to see them again soon.

Over the August Bank Holiday the Friends of the Cesky Terrier were at the Cheshire Game Fair. This is another busy event, so we were pleased to have Jayne and the Placido gang there to help. During the afternoon Jayne turned Todd from a shaggy sheep into an elegant Cesky Terrier!

The beginning of September, and we were off to the Sandringham Game Fair. The regulars were joined by Celeste and Daisy - along with Evie, Chris and Paul.

Next we'll be off to Bowood in Wiltshire.
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