Meet the Pesky Cesky Terriers!
The purpose of Obreedience is to encourage more breeds to 'have a go' at some of the tests associated with competitive obedience but in a less formal competitive environment.

Obreedience is a team event and showcases the talents of each breed through a series of fun exercises and it is perfect for all ages and abilities.

It mixes the best aspects of obedience with the camaraderie found amongst breed enthusiasts. Each Obreedience team must comprise of four handlers and four dogs of the same breed who take part in two rounds of competition including a round of heelwork performed together as a group and then four set exercises including a retrieve, a 'send to bed', commanding the dog to stop, and a scent exercise.

Ivan, Rose, Xanthe and Lupin, with their handlers Christine, Mick, Sheila and Linda made breed history when Cesky Terriers took part in Obreedience for the first time at the East of England Championship Dog Show, 2018. We still have a long way to go to be up with the top teams in the sport - but had some very encouraging comments from the judge, and a very warm welcome from the other teams.

Obreedience competitions are very friendly affairs, with time to relax and enjoy the day. Anyone with a Cesky Terrier who would like to join the 'Pesky Cesky' team, please do get in touch. You don't need any experience - just lots of enthusiasm for the idea of training your terrier and making new friends.